About Us

Caring for your Home , Caring for your Life!

About Clean Sweep Tampa Bay:

Clean Sweep is a locally owned and operated cleaning company that provides a broad range of residential and commercial services, including deep cleans, vacancy cleans, recurring maintenance service, Air BnB turnovers, and more.

Clean Sweep is licensed, bonded, and insured and was founded in 2018. Clean Sweep has a Minority Women Owned Small Business Certificate.

We believe our clients seek peace of mind when entrusting Clean Sweep with the cleanliness of their home or property. It is our priority to ensure that our clients receive the peace and serenity they are looking for.

Company Core Values:

Well-Being – We understand the importance of a clean and safe environment, and that’s why we exclusively use natural cleaning products that are safe for children and pets. Our commitment to your family’s health goes hand in hand with our dedication to environmental sustainability. 

Professionalism – Our appearance and behavior reflect our professionalism and commitment to providing a service that enhances the well-being of your home and everyone in it as well as our excellent staff.

Accountability – With our Satisfaction Guarantee, we ensure that every cleaning service is carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail. 

Teamwork – Whether it’s choosing the right cleaning products, addressing specific areas of concern, or establishing a cleaning routine that suits your lifestyle, our teamwork with clients forms the foundation for perfect results.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to serve our clients with the utmost respect and exceed the standards of our industry. We strive to ensure that our clients are happy and healthy using natural products, safe for children and pets. Our services are meant to give clients back their time, reduce stress, and create more opportunities for spending time with loved ones or enjoying what matters most. We seek to be the friendliest, most affordable, and consistent cleaning company in Tampa Bay.

Our Journey

2018 - Small Business Start-Up
We embarked on our entrepreneurial journey, laying the foundation for our small business with passion and dedication.
2019 - New Client Building
Focusing on expanding our clientele, we successfully established connections with new clients, strengthening our presence in the market.
2020 - ~100 Recurring Clients
We proudly reached nearly 100 recurring clients and successfully completed over 2000 jobs since we embarked on this journey.
2022 - New Owner – Ruth Guerrero
Clean Sweep changed hands and thus began the journey for our new leader, Ruth Guerrero, bringing fresh perspectives and energy.
2024 - Website & Marketing
In this new journey, we revamped our website and implemented new marketing strategies, ensuring an engaging online presence.
2025 - Planning for 200 Clients
We are planning for continued growth, aiming to serve and support 200 clients with the same dedication that has defined us so far.

Experience Clean Sweep Excellence

At Clean Sweep Tampa Bay, we pride ourselves on our years of dedicated expertise, providing top-notch cleaning services. Our commitment goes beyond tidiness — we create spaces that contribute to your well-being and elevate your overall Quality of Life.

Meticulously redefining the standards of cleanliness, our seasoned team ensures every surface sparkles, turning your surroundings into safe havens of comfort and relaxation you deserve.

Welcome to Clean Sweep Tampa Bay, where experience meets excellence, and every clean is an investment in your complete satisfaction and peace of mind. Our Team brings over 25 years of experience to the table!

Meet Our Team

Kylie Bache

Kylie has over 6 years cleaning experience. She is engaged to her sweetheart (getting married summer of 2024) and has a beautiful golden lab. 

Kylie is our Kitchen specialist because she knows from experience that the last thing you want to do is come home from a long hard day of work to a dirty kitchen that you have to clean yourself. Life is hard enough without that added requirement.  Kylie enjoys cleaning because it brings her peace knowing her clients can come home and feel the bliss of knowing their home is well taken care of.  

Teamwork is her favorite core value because it really does take a village. With teamwork we can make sure all your needs are met extensively.

She represents our core values by showing up every single day with a positive outlook and ready to help with all your cleaning needs. She will always have the most professional attitude and respect for client homes. Every day she represents our core values by bringing a happy and uplifting attitude to your home, working hard to insure quality service and helping out anyone she can!

Latisha Castillo

Latisha has over 8 years cleaning experience. She comes from a hard working family oriented home.

Latisha is our Livingroom specialist because this is the entertaining area, and she enjoy the idea of interior decorating and therefore loves the feeling when a livingroom is clean and well decorated. Latisha believes that cleaning is like a piece of artwork, only the home is her canvas. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice painting, but in this case a clean home? She gets tremendous satisfaction when she sees the faces of our satisfied clients. That’s when she knows her work is done and for this she is truly grateful!

Her favorite core value is Teamwork because it makes the day go by faster and makes each day more enjoyable when the time is spent with others.

She works our core values into her daily routines and professionally represents Clean Sweep from the moment she enters a client’s home until well after she has left the home.

Magalis Fontaine

Magalis has over 3 years cleaning experience. She is married and has a beautiful daughter.

Magalis is our Floor specialist because she is extremely efficient and does a thorough job on your floors. She enjoys cleaning because it gives her a sense of accomplishment because there is a beginning. a process, and a result.  And in the case of any cleaning by Magalis, the result is AMAZING!

Professionalism is her favorite core value because it drives her to fulfill her role to the best of her ability.

She integrates our core values into her work habits each day.  She shows up every single day on time or early and with a passion for providing the best service possible. She always has a professional attitude and shows respect for others as well as the property of others. Every day she represents Clean Sweep as your 5 Star Community Partner, by being the best life partner to every client that she can!

Makayla Heldreth

Makayla has over 3 years cleaning experience. She is a military wife and has two wonderful boys.

Makayla is our Bed & Bath specialist because her vacation rental experience gives her an edge when it comes to sparkling clean showers and bathroom vanities.  She also has great folding skills when staging linens. She takes pride in her work and with her attention to detail on even things like floor grout, her results are always AMAZING! Cleaning is a trait she inherited from her grandmother. They would spend most days tidying their home together. It is a task that makes Makayla feel closer to her grandmother even though she is no longer with us. She also really loves seeing the difference her cleaning provides our clients, not just for their home, but for their quality of life in general.

Her favorite core value is Accountability because it is a huge part of what makes a cleaning service work well. Through teamwork and accountability, our crews are there to help each other and check each other’s work, thus holding each other accountable at each service we perform!

She represents Clean Sweep’s core values just by being herself! She works diligently ensuring our clients’ homes are cared for with the utmost respect and that her team is working together efficiently and safely. 

Kendall Morgado

Kendall has over 5 years cleaning experience. She is married and has a beautiful daughter.

Kendall is our Home specialist. We actually call it ‘running a home’ (this includes cleaning baseboards, outlets, light switches, doors and dusting or cleaning walls as needed) because when she started cleaning she had a broken foot, and enjoyed scooting around on the floor scrubbing baseboards. She enjoys cleaning because it is not always straightforward. Each home needs different types of attention and that has taught her much and allows her to instill confidence in our clients with her vast knowledge which she doles out to clients in her well thought out recommendations. But it also means that there is always something new to learn and she will always enjoy learning even more.

Her favorite core value is Well-Being. While all of our core values are important, the health of each team member, and our clients and their families is so much more important than anything else.

She represents Clean Sweep’s core values every day because she is always looking to create a healthier space for our clients by using natural products and removing things like rust, calcium, mold, and mildew. This keeps homes clean and easily maintainable by anyone on our team!

Our Owner: Ruth Guerrero

Ruth has almost 2 years cleaning experience. She is married and has 3 children (2 daughters and a son).

Ruth is our Oven specialist. She has had great success with ovens and finds it to be quite satisfying to see the transformation of an oven from when it has stuck on hard grease to when it ends up sparkling clean! Ruth enjoys cleaning because when she sees the resulting difference in the home it gives her a very enjoyable satisfaction!

Her favorite core value is Professionalism. She feels that through her professional appearance and attitude she can help maintain the great reputation that Clean Sweep has earned in the Greater Tampa Bay area.

Ruth really represents Clean Sweep’s values as she provides our clients with her best effort, being dedicated to do a professional job every time.  She also really enjoys helping her cleaning partner in the field with any tasks that need an extra hand. She also does a lot more behind the scenes work to make Clean Sweep what it is today!

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