About Us

Caring for your Home , Caring for your Life!

About Clean Sweep Tampa Bay:

Clean Sweep is a locally owned and operated cleaning company that provides a broad range of residential and commercial services, including deep cleans, vacancy cleans, recurring maintenance service, Air BnB turnovers, and more.

Clean Sweep is licensed, bonded, and insured and was founded in 2018. Clean Sweep has a Minority Women Owned Small Business Certificate.

We believe our clients seek peace of mind when entrusting Clean Sweep with the cleanliness of their home or property. It is our priority to ensure that our clients receive the peace and serenity they are looking for.

Company Values:

Well-Being – We understand the importance of a clean and safe environment, and that’s why we exclusively use natural cleaning products that are safe for children and pets. Our commitment to your family’s health goes hand in hand with our dedication to environmental sustainability. 

Professionalism – Our appearance and behavior reflect our professionalism and commitment to providing a service that enhances the well-being of your home and everyone in it as well as our excellent staff.

Accountability – With our Satisfaction Guarantee, we ensure that every cleaning session is carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail. 

Teamwork – Whether it’s choosing the right cleaning products, addressing specific areas of concern, or establishing a cleaning routine that suits your lifestyle, our teamwork with clients forms the foundation for perfect results.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to serve our clients with the utmost respect and exceed the standards of our industry. We strive to ensure that our clients are happy and healthy using natural products, safe for children and pets. Our services are meant to give clients back their time, reduce stress, and create more opportunities for spending time with loved ones or enjoying what matters most. We seek to be the friendliest, most affordable, and consistent cleaning company in Tampa Bay.

Our Journey

2018 - Small Business Start-Up
We embarked on our entrepreneurial journey, laying the foundation for our small business with passion and dedication.
2019 - New Client Building
Focusing on expanding our clientele, we successfully established connections with new clients, strengthening our presence in the market.
2020 - ~100 Recurring Clients
We proudly reached nearly 100 recurring clients and successfully completed over 2000 jobs since we embarked on this journey.
2022 - New Owner – Ruth Guerrero
Clean Sweep changed hands and thus began the journey for our new leader, Ruth Guerrero, bringing fresh perspectives and energy.
2024 - Website & Marketing
In this new journey, we revamped our website and implemented new marketing strategies, ensuring an engaging online presence.
2025 - Planning for 200 Clients
We are planning for continued growth, aiming to serve and support 200 clients with the same dedication that has defined us so far.
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Experience Excellence

At Clean Sweep Tampa Bay, we pride ourselves on our years of dedicated expertise, providing top-notch cleaning services. Our commitment goes beyond tidiness — we create spaces that contribute to your well-being and elevate your Quality of Life.

Meticulously redefining the standards of cleanliness, our seasoned team ensures every surface sparkles, turning your surroundings into safe havens of comfort and relaxation you deserve.

Welcome to Clean Sweep Tampa Bay, where experience meets excellence, and every clean is an investment in your complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

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